The term “baroque” (=imperfect pearl) was once an used in a negative way: “baroque music is that in which the harmony is loaded with modulations and dissonances…” or “bizarre and uselessly complicated”. These qualities that were once criticized are the ones in which we find the beauty of this music. A perfect pearl astonishes by its uniformity, smoothness and symmetry, but, for how long is it interesting to watch, and will there always be something new to discover in it? On the contrary, the changing surface and irregularity of an imperfect pearl mesmerizes us with its many faces and possibilities, as does baroque music. Asymmetry, variation, and irregularity are not negative qualities for us, but intriguing concepts where we find personality, emotions, and discovery.

The Imperfect Pearl was born as the result of an old dream shared by Milena Cord-to-Krax and Isidro Albarreal. They met 9 years ago when they were doing their studies in Sevilla, and their chemistry and enjoyment playing together quickly popped up. Their destinies brought them to different parts of Europe (Sevilla for Milena and Amsterdam for Isidro) making it difficult for both of them to create a project together. But when Milena finished her studies she got total freedom to move and this was when our beloved project started. Very fast, our dear friends Gabriele Levi and Inés Salinas joined our idea by adding their amazing playing, good taste and wonderful energy.