The term ‘baroque’ (= imperfect pearl) was once an used in a negative way: ‘baroque music is that in which the harmony is loaded with modulations and dissonances…’ or ‘bizarre and uselessly complicated’. These qualities, that were heavily criticized, are the ones in which we find beauty, intriguing concepts, personality, emotions, and the sparkle of discovery. A perfect pearl astonishes by its uniformity, smoothness and symmetry, but for how long is it interesting to watch, and will there always be something new to discover in it? On the contrary, the changing surface and irregularity of an imperfect pearl mesmerizes people with its many faces and possibilities, as does baroque music.

Sometimes it may seem a never ending quest in music, to find those people with whom complicity, understanding, pleasure and inspiration are created in an immediate and natural manner. The Imperfect Pearl was born as the result of that lucky feeling between Milena and Isidro playing together at the Conservatory of Seville many years ago. They grew up a little bit more, studied here and there and at one point they tried playing music together again, to see if they could still be musical accomplices. And yes, it is still there. Together with Inés and Gabriele they are now four very different musicians with four very different instruments, happily finding their sound and taking advantage out of their different personalities.